Strong Motion Online Personal Training

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Are you a belly dancer or someone who belly dances?

Would you like to feel strong, flexible and confident every day, with the added bonus of elevating your dance technique?

Worried about injury and niggling aches and pains?

Love the idea of incorporating some fitness training but have no time to fit it in?

Desperate to develop a regular practice habit but not sure how?

The Solaris Strong Motion Online Fitness Training programme can help you!

Ironically, I’d started belly dance classes because I was looking for a way to move and keep fit without going to the gym.

As my obsession grew I started to realise that in order to become a better dancer I needed to add some form of strength and mobility practice for cross-training and injury prevention.

I was also coming to the realisation that I was not getting any younger and needed to create a sustainable movement practice outside of dance to live a long and healthy life.

Yet for the first 13 years of my belly dance career I also had a full time job, leaving limited time for dance, let alone incorporating other fitness styles.

With much trial and error, I have over the years developed the habit of regular movement, incorporating compact strength and flexibility sequences within my dance practice to maximise the little time I have.

I want to share these secrets with you so that you can do the same!