Ter'zíMoirai ATS Intensive The Power of Rhythm

“Whilst one of the teachers is demo-ing the other is looking at everyone, giving feedback and corrections. If you are an ATS or a tribal dancer, this workshop is a treat! There’s technique, there’s musicality, there’s anatomy applied to our dance form… it’s AWESOME!”
Joana, London

The Power of Rhythm
Rhythm is inherent in all that we do. It is that pulse that makes us move and drives us to dance. This intensive will focus on rhythm and how movements, transitions and formations within the ATS® vocabulary can be mapped to music.
The day will start with a yoga and conditioning sequence designed to strengthen your body, providing energy and motivation to aid your personal practice at home. Diving into an in-depth exploration of fast and slow steps, we will work on seamless transitions and formation changes in groups, with plenty of personal attention to elevate your dance. In the second part of the day we will focus on a couple of fun tracks with a driving beat and interesting tempo changes. 
We will end with a thorough cool down to help you feel calm, focused and balanced. You will leave armed with a helpful toolkit of exercises and ideas to set you up for success for the rest of the year. Come and transform your Tribal technique with the power of rhythm!

What you can expect:
*A deep stretching & core conditioning practise specially tailored to enhance your dance
(this will be filmed for your own personal practise)
*A comprehensive study of a selection of fast & slow ATS® moves with attention to rhythm
*Focus on safe dance practice
*Creativity and inspiration for new combinations of movement 
*Fundamental and advanced formations 
*Chorus work and set building  
*Detailed track analysis and musicality

What to bring:
*Comfortable dance clothes (leggings recommended for the conditioning)
*Finger cymbals
*Notebook and pen
*Yoga mat (optional)
*Lunch, snacks and water bottle
*A smile!

Sunday 6th October 2019 12:30-17:00 
2 Hour Workshop option 12:30-14:30:
Wanting to join us, but not able to attend the full day? Come along and strengthen your dance with stretching, conditioning and technique drills. Suitable for dancers of all levels.
Full Intensive 12:30-17:00 (with breaks): 
4 hours of instruction with 2 teachers, including conditioning, technique, group work and plenty of dance time. Open to Intermediate & Advanced ATS® dancers. 

Booking and payment:
£60 for 4 hours with 2 teachers
£32 for 2 hour workshop with 2 teachers

PayPal price includes booking fees – please contact to pay by bank transfer or pay in instalments.

Payments for workshops are non-refundable. By clicking on the PayPal button you are agreeing to these terms. 

Workshop Options

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